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The site provides accurate information on treatments, methods and high-performance products. In short, contributes to improving the quality of life of many people around the world . It also highlights hGH top brands from innovative as well as professional labs available on the market. The site only talks about the options that will give you excellent results, but advises you on the level of use.

It does not matter if you are a confirmed bodybuilder or beginner, you will have the information you are looking for on . If you are looking for a stabilization of your metabolism, a method for anti-aging or a way to gain weight, we will help you in this direction as well. In the following text you will learn how the benefits of hGH on metabolism are well established. It is an optimal substance that meets the expectations of everyone.

What is hGH?

Human growth hormone is a substance normally produced by human metabolism, from childhood to puberty. This peptide substance contributes to the growth of bones and tissues until the end of puberty. It is generated by the pituitary gland and released into the body when needed. In the early 90’s, the only way to produce the hGH was to extract it from the brain of human corpses. It was a complex process, quite expensive as well as dangerous, even for a merely therapeutic use. Nowadays, the growth hormone can be of human or synthetic origin. Users of hGH also know it as somatropin. This very abundant hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. During growth during adolescence, its production is extremely high.


As we get older, the daily secretion of growth hormone decreases. It is primarily released by impulses that occur during the first hours of sleep. hGH is rapidly converted by the liver into a potent growth metabolite. The latter is IGF-1, also known as somatomedin C. It gets most of the effects related to growth hormone. This metabolite is also measured in the blood to determine the level of hGH secretion. In other words, IGF-1 gives a boost to glucose transfer across the membranes of cells acting as a source of energy. This is why it is also called insulin growth factor type 1. Most of the benefits of hGH that we will explore a bit later are directly related to the IGF-1.

Medical Benefits of hGH

hGH of human origin has been replaced by synthetic growth hormone identical to that which is natural. Their peculiarities are identical and primarily include growth delays related to pituitary deficiency. HGH acts primarily to improve bone growth.

It can also have other repercussions on the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins that provide a certain anabolic effect. Human growth hormone is therefore highly recommended, especially for growth retained in children. There are still indications that can be retained in adults because of its metabolic properties.

Effects of hGH on athletes

If the hGH is in the list of doping products, it is because a good number of sportsmen quickly realized the advantage of its metabolic effects. These play an extremely important role in their performance gains, that is to say:

  • the increase of the muscular mass
  • the modification of the energy sectors
  • the gain in power
  • use as a masking product
  • the aging delay
  • sexual stimulation
  • can be used in diabetes management.

All sports that require the use of force to win a victory are often concerned. Nowadays, no sport is spared. Many people suspect that all great champions are using it, and it is really urgent to find a solution to detect hGH . This will then allow athletes to obtain a medal without suspicion.


Rugby is a discipline that requires a lot of physical strength and power. Although strategy is an important element for a team’s victory, individual player performance is paramount. When they put themselves in a scrum, transform a test or tackle an opposing player, they must release a maximum of energy. In order to achieve better performances in this sport, using hGH is an undeniable asset. The reputation of growth hormone is not to be redone in this area. By browsing our site, you will have several tips on using hGH for rugby.

HGH to boost the size of athletes

Size is crucial in some sports, such as swimming, basketball or football. As a result, athletes play with their morphology by buying several categories of growth hormones. The goal of using basic hGH was to speed up development in stunted children. Soon after the athletes discovered these benefits and did not hesitate to use it.

Growth hormone stimulates individual growth of muscle fibers and their numbers. It also reduces the thickness of the fat subcutaneously and increases muscle mass.

Somatropin is best for athletes who want to gain centimeters . HGH stimulates the development of different tissues, specifically bone, muscle and cartilage. So it helps in healing fractures. In fact, hGH stimulates bone growth, on carbohydrate metabolism, on lipid metabolism, and also on protein metabolism.

Lionel Messi and the hGH

If this great football player is now 1m70, he could have never reached this size. The Pulga was only 11-11 years old and was forced to take growth hormones to grow. Lionel Messi was suffering from a partial deficit of hGH and this required intramuscular injection of synthetic growth hormone. It was an expensive but mandatory treatment according to his doctor of the time so that it exceeds the 1m50 in adulthood.


Bodybuilders need to train intensely to promote the complete release of their natural fat burning hormone. By following a strategic and active diet, they can get decent results in their race to lose fat. However, when a person wants to lose fat in less time, it is important to maximize the production of hGH in the body. So, it is also essential to get the best growth hormone for bodybuilding . Remember that when you inject growth hormone without the supervision and advice of a doctor, this can cause problems.

The decline of hGH with age

HGH is one of the many endocrine hormones that decrease with age, that is, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin and DHEA. While some of these hormones can be replaced to prevent some effects of aging, hGH comes first. It is ranked well below all other hormones. As such, it can prevent not only biological aging, but also significantly reverse a wide range of signs and symptoms related to aging.

The decay of human growth hormone with age is often referred to as somatopause. The latter is directly associated with some symptoms of aging, including wrinkles, gray hair, decreased energy, sexual dysfunction , increased body fat, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, among others … Many of these symptoms have been seen in young adults with growth hormone deficiency. In a sense, the biological age of these adults has greatly exceeded what is called their effective age. Research has shown that by replacing growth hormone it is possible to reverse these symptoms in order to restore hair color and growth, increase bone mass, increase energy, and reduce significantly the fat mass of the body.

Why is the level of hGH decreasing with age?

Some researchers have reviewed facts about hGH . Following this, some theories suggest that the effects of hormonal changes and its regulation explain the decline of hGH. The fact that the pituitary gland, even as it ages, still retains the ability to release the human growth hormone encourages this decline. This even if it is properly stimulated. If you are on proper diet, exercise, and proper secretogs, this will allow the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone level consistently. Secretogogues are substances that come from the cutting edge of scientific research. They stimulate the pituitary gland so that they can secrete growth hormone. We can look at these substances in detail and look at the clinical evidence that demonstrates how well they perform. The link between diet, exercise and hGH will also be examined.

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How to get hGH?

A few years ago, growth hormone therapy was available only as injections that were very expensive and difficult to use. But nowadays, we can find natural substances that have been specifically manufactured to stimulate hGH in a more effective way than injections. Some researchers say that these latest-generation natural secretogues have a greater ability to mimic the secretion of hGH. These substances are part of those that are permanently banned. They are in the class S2, hormones and related substances. Today, with advances in screening technologies, human growth hormone can be more easily found in targeted controls. So, hGH therapy has shown that it has many advantages and disadvantages. It can even roll back the biological clock up to 20 years back!