How do you buy HGH without the risk of injecting a potentially dangerous substance or getting caught?

How do you buy HGH without the risk of injecting a potentially dangerous substance or getting caught?

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Some people have the choice of finding an open-minded doctor. A doctor who will agree to prescribe HGH for recreational purposes in exchange for a few tickets.

Order from the local doctor

HGH can be prescribed by most doctors. Those who are most likely to do so are sports medicine specialists, anti-aging clinics or general practitioners who know you well. When you buy HGH from a doctor, expect to pay 10 times more. Brand prices for large pharmaceutical companies range from $10 to $20 per IU or more.

The black market HGH

If we go back in time, we will notice that HGH could be purchased legally by anyone for personal use. The Internet was full of online stores selling high-quality HGH made in China for about $3 a UDI. The impact of the unlimited availability of Chinese-made HGH on Western markets has led to a significant reduction in the number of sales of pharmaceutical giants. Over the years, several Chinese brands, such as Biotropin, have gained the trust of western doctors who have begun prescribing them to their patients. It was only after the media exposure, celebrity scandals and lobbying of major pharmaceutical groups that the black market of HGH from abroad became illegal.

How do I buy HGH online?

Nowadays, when a person tries to buy real growth hormone online, it becomes an almost impossible mission. However, if you are lucky enough to know a reputable source, you will have no problem finding the right product. There are an unlimited number of horrible stories on the internet, people reporting incoherent cases. Some people say they were royally fooled, who had their parcels seized. Others experienced an unwanted immune response after injecting themselves with what they believed to be real HGH.

Here are some of the dilemmas a buyer may encounter:

  • How do I know if what I’m buying is real HGH?
  • If it is true, is it an appropriate sequence of 191 amino acids or a copy of 192 amino acids?
  • When true, is HGH of high quality or does it contain an abnormal level of bacterial residues caused by the manufacturing process?
  • What is the guarantee to ensure that the seller will send my order after my payment?
  • How do sellers justify prices ranging from $2 to $20 per IU?
  • When ordering abroad: that it is my guarantee that HGH will not be stopped at customs?
  • When ordering abroad: what happens if my package is not delivered?
  • A friend recommended a solid source, however I could see posts on forums warning us that the source is false. What can I do?

Local black market

In every gym, there are always very muscular guys who seem to live on site. If you can get close to one of them, they can probably put you in touch with a valuable local dealer. Start slowly, you don’t have to consider them as undercover agents. Ask these people how to do an exercise properly. You should compliment them on their work, ask them for diet tips, names of good protein brands, etc. Don’t hesitate to repeat this information request exercise several times. After a while, you can talk about HGH and learn what they know about it.

Buy HGH directly from the manufacturer

If you have good negotiating skills, you can convince some Chinese manufacturers to let them sell them to you directly. Finding the right sellers can be difficult because there are so many scammers, counterfeiters, supplement dealers who would do anything to strip you of your money. However, if you can buy directly from manufacturers, such as with Mactropin, they will protect your interests. In case your package is damaged during transport, they will take no problem responsibility for finding a good solution.

Buy HGH online on the deep web

There is a parallel internet where products and services that are illegal are openly sold using the encrypted currency Bitcoin. If you make the decision to follow this path, animosity must be your number one priority. You can take several days to do a study on how TOR (the onion router) works. Then start downloading and familiarizing yourself with this browser or even better, with the Tails operating system. You can also search the deep web black market on Google. You can also search for YouTube videos on the subject. Some sources may be expired, as can some markets that are now closed. You’ll also find new ones. There is also the Grams search engine that allows the user to navigate all black markets.

Once you’ve found the hidden sites you’re looking for, don’t let your guard down. Don’t forget that the deep web is full of scammers and counterfeiters. Check all reviews of each seller’s reputation. Then make sure they have made sales of the product you are trying to buy. Find out about their insurance policy, such as what happens if the package gets stuck at customs. If you decide to buy from an unknown source, do your best to test the product. You can do a full laboratory analysis, which is quite expensive, or do a hGH serum test, which won’t make you spend as much.


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