Sprays, pills and hGH patches on the Internet: are they effective?

Sprays, pills and hGH patches on the Internet: are they effective?

Nowadays, an individual can buy many HGH sprays, pills and patches on the Internet. This ease of acquiring this type of product greatly degrades the marketing of real HGH.

Preparing for HGH

The growth hormone, somatropin is a large fragile molecule that is very unstable. At room temperature, it degrades in a few minutes. HGH is also very sensitive to agitation. Rapid movements would distort the shape of the molecule. Deformed, it can no longer cling to the receivers. While the liquid form of real HGH must be permanently refrigerated and handled with care. Sprays, patches or pills are kept at room temperature, stirred, etc. The growth hormone molecule is too large to pass through the skin or mucous membrane of the inside of the nose. This is another reason why patches cannot work. The other reason is that the stomach contains acid that would destroy HGH as soon as it comes into contact with. HGH cannot be produced by plants, so so-called natural HGH/herbales are marketing lies.

Read the instructions

If you read the label of HGH sprays, patches and pills, it is usually written that they do not contain this real hormone. Rather, it contains precursors supposed to promote the production of the body’s hGH. This is another marketing lie that can easily be verified by a blood test that tests HGH. Just find a more efficient laboratory, able to test your blood for the level of HGH (or IGF-1). You can do a basic test before taking any growth hormone promoter. Then, do a comparison test after taking the supplement following the instructions.

Sprays, patches or HGH pills

This is another marketing trap used by food supplement retailers. The complement became trend when Baltimore Ravens defenseman Ray Lewis missed a doping test. He claimed to have used a deer antler spray to speed up the recovery of his tendon. The deer antler spray is supposed to contain IGF-1. This is chemically and biologically impossible because this molecule is even more fragile than somatropin. It would simply be distorted by the ambient temperature and the agitation of the liquid.

The true human growth hormone exists only in injectable form. It is transported in vials of freeze-dried powder that remains stable until temperatures of 45oC and can withstand agitation during long periods of transport. When you receive it, you must keep it cool between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. It should never be frozen. When biotropin-type hGH is reconstituted with sterile water, it is ready for injection. At this precise moment, it must be handled with care and used within 3 days to maintain the quality of the HGH to the maximum. You should not shake the hormone or leave it at room temperature.

Les cachets d’hGH

First, it is impossible for growth hormone to survive the pill-making process. But still, it is not possible that it survives in the ambient temperature at which the pills are kept. And finally, the growth hormone molecule would never survive contact with stomach acid when the pills are ingested. The label on any box of HGH sprays, patches or pills will surely say that it is a herbal growth hormone promoter or something similar. It will also mean that the product is supposed to push your body to produce its own hGH. This is an example of a pure marketing scam!

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