Effect of Growth Hormone

5 May 2020

Will the muscles developed with HGH be more permanent than those formed with steroids?

Short Answer Steroids added to physical activities increase the size of muscle cells. On the other hand, growth hormones added to physical activity do better than […]
19 April 2020

Is HGH effective against aging?

Whenever this question is asked on the internet, the answers received are always: There have been no studies or there is no concrete proof. That’s right, […]
5 March 2020

Can an adult grow up with hGH?

You’ve probably heard that once the puberty phase is over, growing up is impossible. People think that because HGH returns to its normal level after this […]
20 February 2020

What type of muscle mass will I develop quickly using HGH?

The first question that beginner users ask themselves is: how HGH will help increase their muscle mass and help them sculpt their bodies quickly. Short answer […]
8 February 2020
effets positifs de l'hGH

What are the positive and negative effects of HGH?

The positive effects of HGH as well as the negative effects very often depend on the dosage. Using good products such as Genotropin, Biotropin and Norditropin, […]
25 January 2020

Is it true that HGH causes cancer?

HGH cannot cause cancer under any circumstances. There are no concrete studies to prove this, however there is a logic behind this assertion. HGH is a […]
23 January 2020

Can HGH give a boost to libido?

For athletes and bodybuilders who are familiar with testosterone-based steroid injections, HGH will have a minimal effect on their libido. These people are used to large […]