What test can I do to determine the authenticity of HGH?

What test can I do to determine the authenticity of HGH?

The authenticity of the synthetic human growth hormone, somatropin can be determined by several tests:

Laboratory analysis of growth hormone

Depending on the brand you buy, some manufacturers are willing to pay for the lab test. You can send a sample of their product to the lab of your choice. To find a lab, simply search Google and make calls. Ask if they are capable of testing an actual sequence of 191 amino acids of somatropin/HGH. The cost of such a test in the United States is around $350. Ask HGH manufacturers if they are willing to reimburse you for the test. You will see that some of them will agree to do so without any problems.

HGH serum test

This is the simplest and cheapest test that can be performed in laboratories. This involves having your blood tested for HGH before injecting you with growth hormones. Then you have to take 10 IU of HGH. 3 hours later, you have to do the same HGH test again. If the product is genuine, the second result should show a drastic increase in the level of HGH. Some manufacturers will also refund this test after you send them your results.

Differences in growth hormone test results

HGH levels depend on many factors and are different from one test to another. These scenarios include the timing of the product being injected, the dosage, diet, new levels of amino acids in the body degrading the enzymes responsible for the deterioration of the HGH, the defense mechanisms of the potential organism, etc.

That’s why it’s not possible for you to get the same result twice. The latter is an indicator that we can rely on to know whether the growth hormone injected is real. However, it cannot determine the quality and capacity of HGH. This is a common mistake often mentioned on bodybuilding forums. HGH levels will not give you the strength of the hormone, you will simply know if it is true or not.

Test IGF-1

Levels of the hormone IGF-1 and HGH in the body are closely related. Injecting growth hormone will increase a person’s IGF-1 level as well. High levels of IGF-1 are therefore a good indicator of the authenticity of HGH. The IGF-1 test is performed in the same way as the HGH test mentioned above.

Can a pregnancy test be used to determine the authenticity of HGH?

The pregnancy test is just good to find out if the substance is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin), a pregnancy hormone that is present in the urine of pregnant women. Previously, when HGH was extremely expensive, and produced only by a small group of manufacturers, scammers often used HCG to fool people. HCG looks the same as HGH, with the only difference that when mixed with water, HCG dissolves completely in seconds. On the other hand, as you can get authentic HGH easily these days, the powder takes several minutes before fully dissolving.

Nowadays, scammers print boxes of reputable brands and fill them with a copy of low quality HCG. In most cases, they use a 192-protein amino acid molecule that typically works like HGH. This causes immune reactions when the body thinks it is a foreign body.

This causes red and painful stretch marks at the injection site and can cause serious health problems if an immune system strengthens against the true HGH of 191 endogenous amino acids. In the end, this results in a total loss of any HGH in the body.

Bacterial residues in low-quality Somatropin or Somatrem

Red stretch marks that hurt at injection points can be caused by low-quality HGH that has been made with too much bacterial residue. These stretch marks can cause major problems where the body may ultimately develop good resistance. It fights against its own growth hormone which is naturally produced.

A growth hormone that has a sequence of 192 amino acids is called somatrem, while the authentic sequence of 191 amino acids is somatropin. Somatrem is easier and less expensive to produce. It is only a laboratory analysis that can demonstrate whether the substance is actually a sequence of 191 or 192 amino acids.

Occasional painful stretch marks do not automatically mean that the substance is somatrem. From time to time, this can also happen with somatropin, especially if you sting in the wrong place. If stretch marks appear after each injection and persist for a day or two, then you should stop the cycle immediately and have a sample tested in the laboratory.

You should be careful of HGH supplements, sprays, pills and patches. These are simply marketing scams that do not contain real growth hormone. You can read the article Sprays, pills and patches of HGH for more information.

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