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13 May 2020

Sprays, pills and hGH patches on the Internet: are they effective?

Nowadays, an individual can buy many HGH sprays, pills and patches on the Internet. This ease of acquiring this type of product greatly degrades the marketing […]
20 April 2020
marché noir

How do you buy HGH without the risk of injecting a potentially dangerous substance or getting caught?

Some people have the choice of finding an open-minded doctor. A doctor who will agree to prescribe HGH for recreational purposes in exchange for a few […]
10 March 2020

What is the true price of HGH?

Do you want to know what the true price of HGH is? By reading this article you will have the answer. In addition, you will learn […]
20 February 2020
meilleure hGH

What is the best HGH?

There is no better HGH, the substance is either real growth hormone, somatropin or it is not. Human growth hormone is a large, fragile molecule that […]
17 February 2020

HGH plugs: Which color is best?

When we refer to the color of the cap of the HGH vial, we often deal with generic growth hormone made by various laboratories in China. […]
20 January 2020

What test can I do to determine the authenticity of HGH?

The authenticity of the synthetic human growth hormone, somatropin can be determined by several tests: Laboratory analysis of growth hormone Depending on the brand you buy, […]
15 January 2020

Difference between HGH manufactured by Western pharmaceutical groups and those designed in China?

In addition to a 90/10 price difference ratio, the two types of HGH are identical. The major pharmaceutical groups in Western countries use exactly the same […]
12 January 2020

Why is it so difficult to find a reputable source of growth hormone?

Short answer Many brands have worked very hard for many years to prevent the marketing of high quality growth hormone at low prices. So now your […]