Buying Growth Hormone: Comparison of Best Sites

13 May 2020

Sprays, pills and hGH patches on the Internet: are they effective?

Nowadays, an individual can buy many HGH sprays, pills and patches on the Internet. This ease of acquiring this type of product greatly degrades the marketing […]
10 May 2020

Notice and test of purchase on the site

Given the growth hormone shops that are plentiful on the internet, at the risk of being fooled by scammers it is better to check their reliability. […]
5 May 2020

Will the muscles developed with HGH be more permanent than those formed with steroids?

Short Answer Steroids added to physical activities increase the size of muscle cells. On the other hand, growth hormones added to physical activity do better than […]
20 April 2020
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How do you buy HGH without the risk of injecting a potentially dangerous substance or getting caught?

Some people have the choice of finding an open-minded doctor. A doctor who will agree to prescribe HGH for recreational purposes in exchange for a few […]
19 April 2020

Is HGH effective against aging?

Whenever this question is asked on the internet, the answers received are always: There have been no studies or there is no concrete proof. That’s right, […]
15 April 2020

What is the difference between liquid HGH and freeze-dried powder?

Nowadays, we can find HGH in many forms, but the two most reliable forms are liquid and freeze-dried. When the freeze-dried hormone is reconstituted with sterile […]
11 April 2020

Notice and test of purchase on the site

It all started in 2009 and today, is one of the reference sites when it comes to peptides and HGH. A serious site for some, a reliable […]
2 April 2020

Review and test on the website

Because we’re always excited to test new sources of steroids and growth hormones, we’re taking you to the website today. It’s an online store that sells growth […]
30 March 2020

What should be the HGH dosage?

In order to do a good dosage, human growth hormone must be measured in IU (international units) and mg (milligrams). 1 mg is about 3 IU […]