What type of muscle mass will I develop quickly using HGH?

What type of muscle mass will I develop quickly using HGH?

The first question that beginner users ask themselves is: how HGH will help increase their muscle mass and help them sculpt their bodies quickly.

Short answer

Everyone’s metabolism reacts differently to somatropin. As a result, building your muscles depends on several factors. If the conditions are optimal, a person can gain between 20% to 30% lean muscle during hGH therapy of 4 to 5 months. These results are perfectly visible after a 2 month treatment.

Long answer

Muscle mass obtained by using HGH depends on many factors. For example, an individual who wants to sculpt his body can:

  • do a daily exercise session
  • genetics often plays a big role in this process
  • diet helps a lot
  • Age is not a point to be excluded
  • the quality and quantity of sleep
  • lifestyle
  • previous uses of steroids or hGH, etc.

So a healthy person using HGH for the first time and exercising 3 to 5 times a week can expect to gain 20% to 30% muscle mass in just 4 to 5 months. An individual who sleeps at least 7 hours a night and adopts a high-protein diet can also achieve the same goal. In other words, at a dose of 4 IU per day, growth hormone will help an already active individual to push his bodybuilding limits from 20% to 30%.

The results of the first cycle of HGH are always better – none of the following cycles will be comparable to the first. This may be because:

  • During the first cycle, the body is surprised by the high levels of HGH (and therefore IGF-1). As the body develops the ability to control such levels of HGH/IGF, the muscle ceiling ranges from 20% to 30%.
  • After the first cycle of HGH (or steroids), the muscle ceiling reaches a fairly high level. The body is reworked to retain just enough muscle needed for the person to perform his daily tasks. Excess muscle is gradually reduced.
  • An active individual who uses growth hormone to increase his muscle mass will always reach his ceiling (his best level) during each cycle of HGH, however this will never be so impressive after the first time because he has seen it before.

First use of HGH

If your goal is to increase your muscle mass and this is the first time you use HGH, you will enjoy this new adventure. Nothing is more motivating for an individual than being able to push his initial muscle limits. Products like Biotropin containing HGH with high-end references will help you achieve your dream.

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