Is it true that HGH causes cancer?

Is it true that HGH causes cancer?


HGH cannot cause cancer under any circumstances. There are no concrete studies to prove this, however there is a logic behind this assertion. HGH is a developmental hormone that makes the body grow, which also helps it to regenerate and gives it a good boost to develop. For decades it has been prescribed to children with developmental delays and none of them have developed cancer.

Cancer is simply caused by certain combinations of unlucky errors in the DNA of an individual’s cells. During each 10-year life cycle, the level of growth hormones in the human body decreases by about half. Babies have plenty of them, while the elderly have just enough to keep their metabolism in good shape. Some people have used about 4 HGH IU per day for more than 10 years, for about 60% of each year, allowing themselves to have 40% breaks between cycles. These people have never had cancer. On the contrary, it has even helped them avoid cancer by rejuvenating their body’s immune system.

Can growth hormones accelerate the development of an existing cancer?

This is a totally different question on this particular subject. Normally, HGH accelerates the development of any cell that reproduces infinitely, such as hair, nails, skin, among others. In other words, anything that can and wants to grow gets a big boost to achieve an optimal result with human growth hormones. However, if you have ever had cancer, it is highly recommended to stop taking HGH. Even if you use a good brand, it is best to avoid continuing the cure in order to protect your metabolism.

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