HGH plugs: Which color is best?

HGH plugs: Which color is best?


When we refer to the color of the cap of the HGH vial, we often deal with generic growth hormone made by various laboratories in China. These laboratories are in China and certified, able to manufacture real sequence somatropin of 191 amino acids. The laboratory equipment needed to produce HGH is a multi-million dollar investment. So it’s impossible for a poorly performing steroid lab to produce this type of hormone. The necessary know-how includes the genetic manipulation of a bacterium called E.Coli that secretes a human version of growth hormone. When somatropin is harvested, the bacteria must be filtered, which is a very complicated procedure.

What color of HGH cap should you buy a beginner?

Trying to distinguish generic HGH by the color of its cap is like wanting to judge people by the color of their clothes. It is possible to change the color of the cap freely and easily from batch to batch. This only leads to endless discussions on bodybuilding forums. It’s just conversations where some people report good and bad results with blue, green, red or yellow caps.

If you buy HGH, the only way to make sure that what you are about to use is not going to damage your metabolism is to have it tested in the lab before using it. There are two types of tests you can do. The first is to do a complete analysis of the substance in a high-performance laboratory. The second way is to use your body as a guinea pig, injecting you with a whole vial of HGH/IGF. Then you have to have your blood tested. You can check out the True or False HGH page? for more information.

Watch out for the sequence of 192 amino acids

It is easier and cheaper to produce a copy of 192 amino acids, which is technically not somatropin. The difference is that it is an additional methionyl amino acid that attaches to the sequence. Although generally the effects of somatrem use are similar to somatropin treatment, the different molecule can lead to serious health problems. This means that it is possible that the body considers somatrem as a foreign body and attacks it. Since hormones 192 and 191 are similar, this can cause a body to attack its own HGH. This autoimmune reaction could strip a person completely of his growth hormones. This is quite alarming because the body needs it to regenerate. It needs it to strengthen its metabolism and for many other important functions.

Pay attention to low purity HGH that contains bacterial residues

It is very unlikely for a small laboratory to be able to extract somatropin without leaving bacterial residues. When an individual injects low-purity HGH, it often results in red and painful stretch marks. If this happens, it is an indication that the immune system has detected a residue of bacteria and is ready to attack it. This means that it can potentially push the body to attack its naturally produced growth hormone. This reaction can easily lead to serious health problems.

The origin of the colours of HGH caps

Prior to the existence of generic HGH laboratories in China, Jintropin used yellow caps. On the other hand, blue caps were reserved for Hypertropin (Neogenica Bioscience) and green caps by Igtropin. In 2007, Jintropin and Hypertropin changed to use green caps. Igtropin (IGF-1) was renamed and called Revitropin. The color of the corks was changed to blue. A few years later, Revitropin changed to IGF3 and has been using red caps ever since.

The name of the brands printed on the cap

Some laboratories like Meditech have occasionally used plugs by writing their brand name on them. This method was quickly abandoned by most traders because the plugs could easily be copied. As a result, some fraudulent companies could no longer distribute their products under other brands.

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