What are the positive and negative effects of HGH?

What are the positive and negative effects of HGH?

effets positifs de l'hGH

The positive effects of HGH as well as the negative effects very often depend on the dosage. Using good products such as Genotropin, Biotropin and Norditropin, the first effects are noticeable after a week of daily injections.

The positive effects of HGH

HGH can provide a better night’s sleep. So during the cure you will wake up in the position in which you fell asleep. You’ll also have baby skin. In order to notice this change, you can touch the back of your hand before and during HGH treatment. Growth hormone also helps speed up your metabolism because the body will burn carbohydrates in less time. HGH also helps strengthen the immune system and helps to have a higher heart rate. She is also an ally in improving blood pressure. It completely regenerates major tissues and organs. During a HGH treatment, you will strengthen your bones. It also gives a boost to improving libido. The use of growth hormone is also of great help in reducing body fat. This is particularly evident during the first cycle when a body increases its HGH level and does not yet know how to adapt to it. In future cycles, fat reduction is not normally so consequential.

Other positive effects of HGH

By taking HGH, you will experience a gain in muscle mass. An individual who often exercises tends to notice a drastic increase in muscle mass when he starts taking HGH. The improvement that is done with HGH is not comparable to that due to steroids. These increase muscle mass quickly, but not for long. The mass of this type of cell helps to form new muscles. This is why the one that is formed with steroids is faster, even if it is considered ephemeral compared to gains with HGH. These come little by little, but do not change as long as the person is physically active.

You will also gain an amplification of endurance with growth hormone with the positive effects of HGH. And, any type of metabolic regeneration is increased tenfold after each physical activity. Taking HGH also helps normalize cholesterol levels and provides a slight correction of eyesight and hearing. Growth hormone also helps in the regrowth of hair and nails. It also helps in protecting the melting of muscles caused by certain diseases. If you want a quick recovery from severe burns or injuries, HGH can also help. It provides improved growth in children with severe diseases that give small stature. Taking this hormone also minimizes osteoporosis. HGH also helps to improve energy levels.

The theoretical benefits of HGH

We often hear rumors about growth hormones that cause hair to grow back and remove wrinkles. However, this is not the case for everyone, so these cannot form parts of the positive effects of HGH.

Negative effects of human growth hormone:

Baby naps: Some individuals regularly feel the need to take afternoon naps. It should last between 10 and 30 minutes. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs if a person takes daily doses of 4 or more HGH IU. This is more or less noticeable during a consecutive wrist effort or when waking up in the morning. This syndrome is caused by an increase in muscle mass in the wrist which eventually generates pressure on the carpal tunnel. Since the nerves in our fingers and palms pass through this channel, it is a temporary side effect that is easily remedied. It may disappear completely after a decrease in dosage or 3 weeks after stopping the treatment.Water retention is an effect desired by many as it gives a regenerating effect to the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Using 4 IU and more, a person will see his fingers a little swollen or that his face will be a little more filled. This effect is temporary. It either disappears when there is a reduction in dosage or 2 weeks after stopping the cycle.Morning cramps: At the very first minute of waking up, some people feel like they’ve made a trip to hell. This feeling is the same as when you wake up after an exercise session the day before. These are mild pains in the fingers, toes, joints and muscles. During sleep, a human’s body goes through a process of regeneration, it is the main cause of morning cramps.
hypoglycemia: it occurs at the beginning or end of a HGH treatment. This can also happen when a dosage is changed and the amount of sugar in the blood is rapidly reduced. This is a condition that is often noticed after physical exercise, so always keep a sweet bar handy. Hypoglycemia also manifests as sudden cravings. These hunger attacks can last up to 2 weeks when you complete a cycle of HGH.

Les effets indésirables théoriques de l’hGH :

  • acromegaly: excessively high doses of HGH for fairly extended periods of time cause this disease. Technically, an individual does not suffer from acromegaly if he takes a dose of 4 IU every day for 10 years.
  • expansion of existing cancer: HGH helps the body regenerate faster and cells grow faster. What is the risk to existing cancer cells? No one can give concrete advice on taking HGH during cancer.

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