Notice and test of purchase on the site

Notice and test of purchase on the site

It all started in 2009 and today, is one of the reference sites when it comes to peptides and HGH. A serious site for some, a reliable site will say others. To get an idea of the reliability and seriousness of this site, we made an order there.

Test date: April 2017

Pleasant user experience

As we know, is an e-commerce site, specializing in the sale of sports supplements (growth hormones). Its ergonomics are better compared to other sites. We enjoyed the implementation of its products. It goes without saying that they are presented in the form of burst visuals. In other words, the site is well enhanced, making the user experience more enjoyable. Consumers and customers will have no difficulty finding the products they are looking for and making their orders. Basically, everything is very clear, a very beautiful site with descriptions and prices put forward.

Moreover, to search from his tablet or smartphone on this site is very nice. Which is a great advantage, because no matter where we are, we can easily make an order.


No matter what medium you visit the site on, it’s always very clear

Let’s talk about payment

On the payment side, some will be plagued, because it is not possible to pay with PayPal or with credit cards. We think it’s super smart for not to offer this method of payment. PayPal can disclose user information at any time. Given the nature of the products you buy, it’s better not to risk paying through PayPal.

We pay by Moneygram, Western Union, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer on this platform.
In our case we settled our order by Bank Transfer, it took us a total of 2 days. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed of this method of payment, being used to bank transfers that could take 1 week or even longer.

Delivery and packaging

Many sites are criticized for their unsealed delivery time and this is not counting the after-sales service to be regretted. Fortunately, this is not the case for We have tested it and we can assure you that this site is fair.

Shortly after our payment was validated, the service sent us a message confirming that the package had been sent. Four days later, we get a call from the relay point that says there is a package that belongs to us and that we could pick it up. When we spoke with the advisors, we were assured that our package will arrive at the address we have indicated within 5 days. Now we’re giving them 5/5.
The package was packed with great care. When we took possession of our package and opened it, the contents were in impeccable condition. Indeed, in addition to the box that protected our product, the bottles were completely covered with bubble wrap. Not to mention the camouflage method that is very cunning, but we are not going to spread out on the latter. It wouldn’t be right with if we talked about it here.

All the vials have reached us intact, thanks to the care given to the packaging.

What about prices and product quality?

Nous avons acheté un pack d’hormones de croissance de le marque Mactropin dont le prix est bien bas par rapport à la concurrence. Notons que toutes les hormones vendues par le site sont moins chères comparé à celles qui sont vendues par  d’autres boutiques. n’est pas comme certains commerçants en ligne. Lorsqu’il est écrit sur le site que le produit est en stock, il est en stock, pas de phrase à la dernière minute du genre « Malheureusement nous n’avons plus en stock ce produit, voulez-vous le remplacer par ceci ? », on se permet de dire cela, car on a simulé l’achat de plusieurs dizaines de produits.

Pour ce qui est de la qualité des produits, nos tests ont révélé que les articles vendus sur le site sont bien issus de Mactropin, l’un des meilleurs sinon le meilleur laboratoire d’HGH du marché.



  • Product value for money
  • Customer service (pre- and post-sale advice, order follow-up)
  • Delivery (speed, packaging quality)
  • Payment (easy, secure, anonymity)
  • Time of existence and reputation on the Internet
  • Website (ergonomics, speed, adapted mobile display)

Summary, the official seller of Meditech, Alpha Pharma, Mactropin and other products, is a site that deserves a little more attention. The site has everything to become a market leader in growth hormones. It has many advantages, to mention only the ergonomics of the site, but also quality services, attractive prices as well as reliable products.

Only downside will say certain, the payment. Those who are used to paying via PayPal or a Visa card may be a little disappointed. But we can never say enough, paying by these means of payment is a risk. For your security stop requiring a site to offer these PayPal, it won't be very smart of you.


  1. Gontran says:

    I’ve already shopped at two different sites, but they’re not serious. If I chose top-steroids-online, it’s because the site has a service worthy of a professional: easy communication, quick and well detailed answers, delivery fairly quickly … and so on.

  2. Kylie says:

    A wide range of products, interesting prices, well-oriented advice… it feels good on this site. And that’s not to mention reliable and secure payment methods. I have never lost money until now.

  3. Vallis says:

    What attracted me first to this site is the presentation of the site itself. It’s pretty simple and easy to understand. It’s not that hard to find the products you need. With the site’s search engine, everything is easy. In addition, the site stands out for its very competitive prices.

  4. Loulou315 says:

    Very good choice. Hormones and peptides of very good quality. Reasonable prices! I recommend

  5. Valentina says:

    I bought more than twenty items on this site and I am satisfied with the quality, delivery time and customer service

  6. Savoyard says:

    I bought a hormone pack for my dear and tender. The package arrived very quickly and the price is more than honest! I love top-steroids-online.

  7. Ophelie says:

    This was my first purchase on top-steroids-online and I was pleasantly surprised. I can say that this is the perfect place to buy hormones. Very fast delivery even for me who lives in Guyanne and the customer service is really exceptional.

  8. Suzana says:

    What I appreciate most is the ease with which we navigate the site. All my orders are well packed and well protected. When my next purchase arrives soon, I will have peace of mind, because I know it will be packed with great care.

  9. Rassul says:

    Fantastic customer service! Authentic products with very competitive prices.

  10. Maximus says:

    Top-steroids-online is my favorite anabolic shop. You can choose from a wide range of hormone and peptide.
    The site is very easy to use. Prices are cheaper compared to competition. Delivery is fast. My last purchase arrived in 7 days, in good condition.
    I advise everyone to try once you will not be disappointed.

  11. Vinou says: vend de tout, des stéroïdes , des SARMS en passant passant par les hormones et les peptides. Beaucoup de références et de labos. Des promos tout au long de l’année. Propose plusieurs moyens de paiement, Dont le paybis, Ultrapratique.

  12. Raider says:

    Pour les anabolisants, j’achète tous mes produits chez Les prix sont bons, un large choix de paiement, des réductions généreuses. Livraison gratuite à partir d’une certaine somme. Je le conseille sans aucune hésitation.

  13. Momo says:

    Je n’ai jamais eu de problème avec TOP-STEROIDS. J’y commande essentiellement des peptides. Tresse bon suivi des commandes et livraison dans le temps. Par contre je pointerai du doigt l’état général du colis à son arrivée. On a souvent peur que le contenu soit touché, heureusement cela ne s’est jamais produit.

  14. Vasacos says:

    Il y a trois mois j’ai acheté des peptides chez et c’est sur que je vais commander de nouveau chez eux la prochaine fois. Ma première expérience chez top-steroids-online a été une très bonne expérience.

  15. Prince says:

    La communication est super bonne. Ces gens ne réchignent pas pour répondre à vos questions. Les produits ont mis moins de deux semaines pour arriver chez moi.

  16. Delta-froce says:

    J’ai acheté chez top stéroïde online je peux attesté que leur produit sont top. La HGH que j’ai commandée chez eux est de loin la meilleure comparé aux autres HGH venant des boutiques concurrentes. Je dors mieux, mon corps est moins fatigué, ma peau est plus souple.

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