Notice and test of purchase on the site

Notice and test of purchase on the site

To avoid buying entry-level growth hormones or getting ripped off on the internet, caution is always required. Before embarking on the purchase of HGH or steroids online, users must both look after the quality of the products and the seriousness of the online store. To satisfy your curiosity, we have chosen to test the e-commerce site We wanted to answer the following questions: are the products in this online store reliable and authentic? How is the quality of the services? Is it worth buying The answers can be found in the rest of this article, narrated in accordance with our own buying experience on the site.

Test date: Mai 2017

Well-made and well-designed site.

Some pretty positive user reviews

At the first navigation on, its design and design in general seduces us. There is immediately a list of products available and lots of advice articles, unfortunately written in English. Going down to the bottom of the home page, we come across many positive reviews written by satisfied customers, with photos to support. It seems to us that it has already gained some popularity on the internet. It’s kind of weird not to see unse satisfied customers posting their comments. We decide to place our order right away. We opted for the “Kigtropin 10 iu 1 box” because it is cheap and there is no minimum order to respect.

We haven’t received our order yet, but we immediately feel that we are dealing with “made in China”.

What about buying and paying?

Like many shops on the internet, you have to create an account to be able to buy on their website. We fill out the form on and then submit the order. We receive an email response regarding payment instructions. The means of payment used are Bitcoin, Western Union and bank transfer International, no Paypal payment or card it seems. Payment is not really complicated but some will say that it is not quick or convenient. 48 hours after payment is confirmed, the shipment of our package is confirmed with the follow-up number .

Delivery seized by customs?

Normally, delivery takes 3 to 7 days. We wisely waited seven days and still nothing. When we decide to write an e-mail to the customer service, we are told that it is possible that our parcel has gone astray. He mentioned the possibility of a seizure at customs as an explanation but provided no reliable explanation. We are told that he can return our order on the condition that we pay them 50% of the amount of our order, which we have done.  So new payment, new tracking number. This time, the package arrived at our house after 6 days.

Doubtful product quality

The package was properly packaged. It is assumed that the shop paid a little more attention to this detail because of the lost package. At this stage, all we have to do is check the quality of the product. It seems that the product was manufactured in China, by an unnamed laboratory unfortunately. There are doubts about its authenticity and purity and fear the presence of dangerous ingredients. A few checks on google lets us know that it is only in the list of HGH brand names approved by the FDA. Some users on the forums report that they have not achieved any results.

Customer service that doesn’t listen

We contacted the shop to ask for more information about Kigtropin and some clarification on its use during our treatment. We sent two e-mails, but our two letters went unanswered. On the part of a shop that wants to be serious and reliable, we deplore this lack of quality in terms of services.

Unasy value for money

This online store has some pretty affordable, if not cheap, prices at all. This can attract users. But honestly, if the purity of its products is questionable and the customer service is not listening, the value for money is not interesting. It is still difficult to decide without buying other products.


  • Product value for money
  • Customer service (pre- and post-sale advice, order follow-up)
  • Delivery (speed, packaging quality)
  • Payment (easy, secure, anonymity)
  • Time of existence and reputation on the Internet
  • Website (ergonomics, speed, adapted mobile display)


The online sales site could possibly be suitable for those who are starting a cure. There are several products on this shop and they are offered at really affordable prices. It may be more astute to start with a product at a good price to evaluate your tolerance before investing in extremely expensive products. On the other hand, we will not know if the products available on this e-shop are all of good or poor quality since we only bought the Kigtropin HGH. Maybe we will come back and buy more products so that we can answer that question. But if you're experienced users, the Kigtropin HGH is probably not the best choice for you.

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  1. Momo12 says:

    We’re baited by product prices. But as soon as the order does not arrive, it is very difficult to reach the SAV to find out where the order is. It took me at least 4 reminders… to finally win the case. In the end 3 less delay and a cure that falls into the water. To run away.

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