Notice and test of Purchase on the site

Notice and test of Purchase on the site

Some of you may already know the online store, the shop that we tested and that we will talk about in this magazine. For those who don’t know who it is, know that it is a source offering growth hormones and various paraphrase products online. In order to answer all the questions concerning the reliability of the shop, the purity of its products, the delivery time, the value for money etc, we visited this site and made an order as a normal customer would, keeping of course our anonymity. As you’ll see, buying on has its pros and cons.

Test date : Mai 2017

A recognized official retailer of branded products

The store announces that it is an official dealer of pharmaceutical companies whose reputation transcends borders such as Meditech and Gen-Shi Laboratories. You can check it with a few clicks on the official website of these manufacturers. With 15 years of experience, we tend to trust him fully. However, to find out what it is, we decide to buy a product: from Meditech.

Affordable prices and promotional offers to buy cheaper

The prices posted and the promotions offered by pleasantly surprised us at the time of our purchase. How can they offer such prices for such quality products? If doubts arise, it is decided to wait until the order is received to determine if they are real or fake products. At this point, we are half convinced of their reliability.

Little ergonomic site and long purchase

Navigating the site can be a real torment for the eyes. Each page seems too busy and poorly organized. We understand that the shop wants to highlight all the information but it could work the design to make the user experience more enjoyable but our opinion only engages us.

We’re going to order right away. Any new buyer must create a customer account in order to send an order. Of course, you have to fill out the forms and provide all the requested information. 24 hours later, the payment guidelines are sent to us by email.

Poorly studied site, it seems that the creators wanted to stuff everything in the site, which hinders the ergonomics of the site

A payment method that does not help the majority

For security reasons and for the sake of anonymity, this shop only accepts international money transfers Western Union, Moneygram and Bitcoin. However, the majority of users feel that they are long and tedious compared to the usual gateways such as credit cards, Paypal or bank transfers. There is no chance that these will ever be accepted on this site.

Unseated delivery time

During the order, express delivery was chosen, which costs more than postal delivery. We were told that our package will arrive in 3 to 4 days. She sent our package 24 hours after the payment end was confirmed. Except that the delivery is 15 days behind this time. Despite the follow-up number and two phone calls to the shop, no explanation was given as to the causes of the delay. The shop attributes the wrongs to the carrier. She did not provide us with any help and simply asked us to wait.

Pure and authentic products

A few checks via the authentication tests on Meditech allowed us to ensure that the product purchased came from this large laboratory.

Customer service that lacks professionalism

To fine-tune our evaluation, we decided to write to customer service to glean some tips on the ideal cycle to get better results with Biopeptide Tb 500. Only the dosage for beginners, confirmed users and professionals were given to us in response, which suggests that they do not know what it is talking about.

What can we say about value for money?

The value for money of the products on sale on is interesting if you want to buy HGH and quality peptides at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, complicated payment, unsealed delivery times and the deplorable quality of customer service do a lot for a shop that wants to be professional and experienced.



  • Product value for money
  • Customer service (pre- and post-sale advice, order follow-up)
  • Delivery (speed, packaging quality)
  • Payment (easy, secure, anonymity)
  • Time of existence and reputation on the Internet
  • Website (ergonomics, speed, adapted mobile display)


As a licensed dealer of world-renowned growth hormone manufacturers, the store has the advantage of being a reliable source. The products they offer are pure and authentic and offered at rather competitive prices. Unfortunately, the services are not up to our expectations, even far from it. It is suggested that they improve the quality of their services to get back in our ranking, especially in terms of purchasing experience, payment and delivery. We also wish we had to deal with a customer service department that knows what he's talking about.

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  1. Azarel says:

    The time between ordering and receiving products is very fast !!! But disappointed by the products: very poor quality. Damage!

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