Notice and test of purchase on the site

Notice and test of purchase on the site

Merchant sites that sell growth hormones HGH and Peptides are currently abounding on the internet. It’s hard to know which one is the safest, especially when you’re new to the field or starting a cycle and you don’t have a fixed supplier yet. The site is among the online shops where you can buy such products. He specializes in the sale of Peptides/HGH. As for its reliability or the quality of its products and services, we had to test it in order to evaluate it.

Test date : Mai 2017

In particular, we took the trouble to order a pack of Norditropin® Pen from this shop. Here’s what we think:

A simple but not very intuitive interface

Navigating the site could have been convenient thanks to its nice design and its simple and enjoyable interface to read. But although it is well organized in appearance, navigation is not very easy because it is written entirely in English and the products are not well categorized.
The site also goes so far as to publish customer reviews on the home page to convince Internet users of its seriousness and reliability. So far, there is nothing to worry about.

This is not what would be called a model of ergonomics and intuitiveness doesn’t offer much choice

This shop offers very few products. So the choice is a little limited. If you want to buy complete packs of products with accessories, it would probably be wiser to buy elsewhere. There are a lot of reliable competing shops that offer wide ranges of products and accessories but we’re not going to talk about it here. In this way, we will receive the entire order in one package, these are less expenses.
To continue our experiment to the end, we selected the product, totaled the purchase, paid the payment and then sent them confirmation. We finally receive a reply that the package is ready to be sent 3 days later. However, this is not really what you might call a big order.

High prices

We can only see the high prices of the products available on We could buy quality products, whose authenticity is proven for less than that on competing sites.
What are the payment methods?
If you are used to paying for online purchases through Paypal, you may have a bit of a struggle when buying on this e-commerce site. Indeed, only payment by Visa, MasterCard and Western Union are accepted. This gives the impression that it is still an amateur site among many others. We would have liked it to offer more payment gateways.

Delivery takes too long

The delivery time is indeterminate. We are told that it can take one or two weeks depending on the carriers’ procedures and that it can be tracked via the tracking number assigned to us. After the two-week deadline, we are still waiting for the package that does not arrive. When we wanted to check with customer service, we were only answered after many repeated phone calls. We are told that delivery has been delayed, that vague and evasive responses! The highlight of this situation is that the shop does not offer any refund or return of parcels if it gets lost or is seized by customs. We got used to the idea of losing money. The properly packaged package was delivered after two weeks, so we had to wait a month to receive our order.

Value for money not very interesting

This online store would offer approved products as it advertises on its website. It praises the authenticity and reliability of the products, supported by satisfied user reviews that only half convince us. The HGH we ordered is from Novo Nordisk. Even though this producer has a certain reputation, these growth hormones are ultimately not among the best on the market.


  • Product value for money
  • Customer service (pre- and post-sale advice, order follow-up)
  • Delivery (speed, packaging quality)
  • Payment (easy, secure, anonymity)
  • Time of existence and reputation on the Internet
  • Website (ergonomics, speed, adapted mobile display)


While the online sales site of Peptides/EPO/HGH looks reliable, the poor quality of its services is deplored. The delivery problems exist despite very good testimonials on this point on the site. (We have the right to wonder if these are not fakes!). The customer service team lacks a bit of professionalism for our taste. Already, they are difficult to reach and respond even less to emails. Secondly, we are not satisfied with their responses to our insistence. In addition, it has been read somewhere on the site that it does not provide any information or advice to clients. It's a shame when you know that the targets are not necessarily big amateurs or professionals in this field. In the end, the value for money is not interesting. That's why you are advised to avoid this site.


  1. La-fayette says:

    You can certainly find cheap products on the site but the provenance is clearly doubtful, I had to buy what I bought on this site. When it goes to customer service, don’t expect much. Delivery almost two months after the validation of my order. Tracking the impossible delivery. So it’s up to you.

  2. Sacha says:

    Deadlines not met, communication zero, the HGHSUPPLIERS marketplace is to be avoided.

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