Notice and test of purchase on the site

Notice and test of purchase on the site


Often, we come across stores that look reliable but sell fake human growth hormones or simply scam customers on the internet. Hence the importance of always checking if the source is reliable before buying HGH from any online store. A few of our readers then asked us if the e-shop was a good supplier to buy these types of hormones. So we took the initiative of shopper of the HGH on this site of online sales to answer this question. As always, we pretend to be ordinary customers. Here’s what we’re deducing.

Test date : Mai 2017

A sober and serious site is an online steroid and HGH sales site. This is the new domain name, and, operating since 2004. When an online store has many years of experience in this field, like this one, one is already quite convinced of its seriousness and reliability. On the surface,’s website seems well organized with a sober but beautifully illustrated design. We hope that we will not be disappointed by placing an order there.

Slightly high prices compared to competition

Looking at the products available on the store, we see that it has slightly high prices compared to the competition. Comparing the costs of the same products on its website and a few competing sites, we note several euros or tens of euros difference. The minimum order must be worth $80. It remains to be seen whether buying from this supplier is worth it or not.

Simple and fast shopping

Although this site is entirely in English, navigation is quite intuitive. This makes buying easier and faster. As in most cases of online shopping, it is enough to select the desired product or products in the map and then follow the different guidelines for the order to be taken into account. The shop then mails the payment instructions, to be made within 48 hours of the order for validation.

A restricted and restrictive payment method for many

To the regret of many customers, this online sales site offers only one payment method: Bitcoin. This one is really binding for anyone who is used to paying their purchase online with Paypal or credit cards. Procedures take time, 1 hour in our case. The site announces that it is for security reasons. And unfortunately, it will never accept Credit Card payments.

A delivery not so “express” as that

This online store boasts an express delivery service and a 90% successful delivery rate worldwide. However, our package did not leave until 48 hours after the parcel was validated and was not received until 21 days later. We suspected that our package was misplaced on the 20th day (the service could not inform us better) but we were still surprised to receive it the next day.

If you want to benefit from a return guarantee in case of loss or seizure, you can opt for express delivery with insurance, costing 10% of the total order amount. Only customers who choose this option enjoy free catering and delivery when the package does not arrive at its destination.

Poorly cared for packaging

Although this online store guarantees maximum discretion in packaging and delivery, we were surprised to discover our package, wrapped in torn packaging. She could have treated him a little more to protect the package. In our view, the fact that the parcel was not seized by customs is a miracle.

Authentic products

The great thing about is that the products are authentic and real. This HGH and online steroid store is available from well-known pharmaceutical companies around the world. You can see the list of manufacturers on its website and you can easily verify the authenticity of the products thanks to the serial numbers.

Average value for money

The value for money on remains rather average according to our estimate. There are excellent quality products but we deplore the quality of its other services.



  • Product value for money
  • Customer service (pre- and post-sale advice, order follow-up)
  • Delivery (speed, packaging quality)
  • Payment (easy, secure, anonymity)
  • Time of existence and reputation on the Internet
  • Website (ergonomics, speed, adapted mobile display)


The online store is a good source to buy quality HGH, signed by internationally renowned manufacturers. On the other hand, the quality of the services as well as the method of payment is far from satisfying us. Many improvements will need to be made in the delivery and packaging of products. Prices will also have to be revised downwards. Since we have already tested sites that offer high quality growth hormones for less expensive and with better services, we do not recommend you buy on


  1. Ato says:

    Always a lot of problem, with their customer services, they cash in and after nothing more. They no longer consider you their client. They leave you with your problems. On the other hand, the package arrives in its entirety, well packed and everything but with 3 weeks delay.
    You have to think twice before ordering from them

  2. pedro says:

    Professional-looking site but everything stops there!

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