Notice and test of purchase on the site

Notice and test of purchase on the site

Growth hormones are now bought and sold freely on the internet so that users are struggling to find a truly reliable source. It is quite possible to stumble upon dishonest sales sites, selling non-authentic and dangerous products. Today, we walked through the door of the shop at the request of some of our readers. For you, we have decided to check the seriousness of this online shop by purchasing some products in a perfectly anonymous manner. Here’s what we think of it based on our own buying experiences on his website.

Test date: May 2017

Site not really nice to consult

In wanting to buy Godtropin, consumers came across and wondered if it is a good source. We went to the site to evaluate it. At first glance, the site seems to be a little poorly organized and the choice of colors, far from being judicious. Reading and browsing are really not pleasant. Given the competition on the internet, the online store could have made some efforts in terms of the design and ergonomics of its site. We deduce that it can be an amateur site despite its few years of existence. You can still view the products and information you may need without too much difficulty.

Ergonomics is not their forte, moreover we no longer find with the names of the products.

Prices rather advantageous

This site has a significant advantage to seduce consumers: really low prices. For the purchase of a first or second kit, you can use the promo code provided on the platform and benefit from exceptional rates. Unfortunately, such reduced prices are usually synonymous with low-end products. Before deciding on this issue, we still waited for the receipt of the package and wanted to check the quality of the product.

Quick payment

The online store accepts payments via Bitcoin, Money Gram and Western Union. It mainly favours payment with Bitcoin because, as explained on the site, with this method of payment, there are no international transaction fees and it is easy to pay instantly. However, if you are used to paying for your purchases online via Paypal or a Visa Card, you may be a little annoyed by these payment methods. Next door, even if the payment is fast, the delivery is far from it. We deplore this point.

Long delivery time

Already, is delivering on the condition that at least two product kits are ordered. It is stated on this online sales site that delivery takes between 3 to 5 days in the United States and 3 to 10 to 15 in other countries. After the payment is validated, we are informed that our package will be shipped within 12 hours. However, we did not receive ours until 25 days later. So in reality, the international delivery service takes even longer. Customer service was unable to respond correctly when the follow-up number was provided. We are also told that for our situation, the shop does not guarantee return if the parcel is lost. It only guarantees the return of parcels to the United States and the United Kingdom in case of seizures or loss. Otherwise, it returns just half the price of your order. In any case, it is considered a lack of seriousness.

Unsatisfactory value for money

Godtropin is a product that has a good reputation. But as for those on sale on, we will not know if they are authentic and reliable products. First, because no refund is offered by the merchant site in case you want to test the products in the laboratory. Second, because user reviews seem mixed. It is not impossible that the positive reviews posted on some forums are aware of false testimonials written by the trader himself.




  • Product value for money
  • Customer service (pre- and post-sale advice, order follow-up)
  • Delivery (speed, packaging quality)
  • Payment (easy, secure, anonymity)
  • Time of existence and reputation on the Internet
  • Website (ergonomics, speed, adapted mobile display)


Buying growth hormones on can be interesting in terms of price since the kits are offered at attractive rates. However, their quality is not always there. The products are not guaranteed and users have decided to switch to another brand because of some side effects. It is better to pay more to buy authentic growth hormones that really work with a reliable distributor instead of throwing money out the window. The quality of service of its customer service also leaves something to be desired. In addition, the risk of losing parcels is high but one cannot expect a return of the order outside the United States and the United Kingdom, it reimburses only half of the total price of the order.

Comments Rating 2.67 (3 reviews)


  1. Aurélien says:

    I wanted to try the experience godt240 also what error on my part there are two control systems for this international site and domestic Europe for France not being very good in English I unfortunately chose international what did not not posed a problem on the spot since they accepted my order is cashed 1200 for 5 kit it’s been more than a month I’m still waiting for my order I had no follow-up number valid finally if a me has been provided but the package never left Hong Kong it’s a shame and now this dear Mat does not answer me anymore!
    Ah so, Before cutting the contact he offered me to pay back 400 euros for 2 kit what scam this site

  2. Yann says:

    I lost a lot of money and a lot of my time with this damn site. Unfortunately, it took me a while to find out. To run away like the plague.

  3. Tommy says:

    Service Client Execrable

    I made the gross mistake of not checking your site before ordering HGH and now I bite my fingers.
    After my order ie after they cashed my money, I had a couple of questions about the product I had bought them. Only 1 of the 3 questions had been answered, even more so was “YES” without further explanation.
    I cross my fingers for my parcel to arrive safely, I only ordered 3 three days ago so I wait.

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